20 Worthy Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas this Year

Due to the cold weather in winter, to have the decoration that can help you dealing with the cold is something important. In this case, you should be able to make sure that all parts of your bedroom can support your needs. Here, you can focus on the furniture that have the characteristic in creating the warm feeling. Moreover, you should also considering on the beauty of your decoration so that you won’t get bored spending your time there.

Bohemian Style

From all of the decoration style, Bohemian might be the most colorful and full of pattern. But here, to create the warm impression, you can manage to have the more calm Bohemian decoration. Check out some of the examples below and you’ll find out that Bohemian could also has the cam decoration with minimum color and pattern.

Patterned rug in Boho style in white and grey colors which are really warm. Add with some greenery to strengthen the style impression.
Hanging macrame above the bed used as the vocal point for this Boho bedroom. The greenery also become the character of the style. Don’t forget to add other Boho touches into your bed.
This one is the simple and easy Boho style. The hanging swing with that such of pattern characterized the style.
It might be quite colorful for the simple Boho style but still simple. The unique rug, blanket, and cushion pattern are the key of the Boho style.
The colors that used for the Boho pattern here are quite calm. You can apply it to create the warm room impression.

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Romantic Style

Romantic is the word that can give you such a peaceful and happiness feeling. Especially for winter where the intimate relation become something worthy to warm up the atmosphere in the cold weather. The following pictures are some designs that you can adopt to build the romantic bedroom atmosphere.

The string lamps are the way you can bring the romantic atmosphere into this room. You can install it above the bed ceiling not to make you dazzled.
The way the ceiling decorated is how this bedroom brought into the romantic style. In white fabric color, you can paired it with dim lighting.
To create the romantic atmosphere, this design is using the candles and chandelier. Don’t install it in too bright lighting to keep your room looks romantic.
Installing your wedding pictures could be the way to create the romantic atmosphere into you room. Tty it because it works well.
The love signs here utilized as the wall decoration. In hence, it is also effective to create the romantic atmosphere.

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Modern Style

Talking about today’s decoration, it is not completed if we don’t talk about the modern style. Although there are so many people who love to apply the rustic or farmhouse style, but modern style still being loved. It is because the minimalism concept that this style brought. Basically, the concept is really match for those who busy with their life and don’t have much time to deal with their house.

All white concept of this modern style is really peaceful. The use of the light grey color as the additional color can give another color dimension which is really awesome.
This modern style uses more effort in creating the room. It has the pattern for the wall behind the bed. Moreover, the flower present has an ability to bring out the sweet thing between the flat modern atmosphere.
The combination of grey and white colors in this room is really awesome. It is arranged in a balance proportion so that this room looks really well managed.
The use of the iron chandelier here represent the modern style. Although it has more industrial style impression, you can still use it since those two styles are connected.
The use of the color combinations in this room is really awesome. It uses the neutral colors such as beige, grey, creme, black, and white in a really good proportional.

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Classic Style

Classic style, besides for its elegant impression, it also allow you to have the warm feeling. It is because the old times things that brought into the room is really effective to create such a warm and calm atmosphere. Those atmosphere are really match with the winter decoration needs. In conclusion, the classic style is also one of the decoration styles that is worthy enough to be applied in winter.

Blanket and pillow case become the vocal point for this classic bedroom decoration. Add it with old style table and warm rug to strengthen the impression.
The rug style in this room is how the classic brought into the room. The blanket and cushion pattern are the other way to show the classic touches.
The way this bedroom decorated is represent the classic er. Look at how the paddle used as the wall decoration that can bring you to the old times.
Create the classic look with the old chandelier, wooden bed, and wooden flooring style. The flower pattern cushion with black pom pom can really represent the classic style also.
Circle pattern on the blanket in red color is the key of this classic look. Moreover, the wooden bed with its dark brown color is also strengthen the classic impression.

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After all, from all of the bedroom decoration that we served, you can choose the one based on your taste. Or, you can do it by adjusting with your home decoration. However, if you want to really have the decoration but it doesn’t match with your home decor, it doesn’t matter. Since your bedroom is your private room, then you simply do anything that makes you happy and comfortable.

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