24 Best Popular Outdoor winter Decorations Ideas That You Must Try

When Christmas, someone will decorate the house into a Christmas theme. Especially if Christmas happens during winter. Then it will be easier for you to decorate it because you also can use the theme of winter. With so many rooms in the house. actually you also must think about outdoor places. Because someone who comes to your house will pass through the yard or garden and terrace at your house. So, you can make outdoor winter decor with some Christmas ornaments like in the pictures below.


Snowman is one of the icons that represent Christmas in the winter. When it snows, the children will go outside to make this snowman. Related with this winter decor, it doesn’t false for you to make stunning outdoor decor by placing snowman outside the house.

Outdoor decor with snowman complete with black hat, scarf, and andy canes on the hand.

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happy snowman couples become outdoor decor in the winter. and, they are complete with scarves and hats to create a beautiful look.
cheerful snowman with a hat and scarf around the neck and a broom in the hand.
Next is a funny snowman with lights inside that make it even more amazing.

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Three snowmen singing to celebrate Christmas as a stunning outdoor decoration.

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snowman with artificial snow that makes it look like a real snowman. then, complete with red hat, red shirt and green scarf that makes snowman look very funny.

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus is known as a fat man who has a white beard. then, he also wears a red hat and suit and carries lots of gifts. Usually, the children will write a letter to Santa Claus at Christmas. They usually ask for a gift or something they want and hope to be granted. With that, you must decorate outdoors by placing Santa Claus as a very beautiful winter decoration there. And then, the children also feel more happy again.

outdoor decor with Santa Claus, bears, penguins singing merry Christmas at the Holly days.

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attractive decoration with Santa Claus that welcomes guests in front of the house.coupled with the presence of deer and snowman that makes the display more beautiful.
a mailbox with Santa Claus sitting on it can be an attractive outdoor decoration for children who want to send letters to Santa.
simpe outdoor decor with 3 stems drawn with the face of Santa Claus.
Santa Claus and his wife as outdoor decor in the winter that can provide a romantic atmosphere there.

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collection of some Santa Claus as outdoor decor that is close to the fence of the house. In fact, it will be the center of attention of people who pass by your house, of course.

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Christmas tree

In fact, Christmas will not be complete without a Christmas tree there. Usually, people will place a Christmas tree in a living room complete with lots of Christmas decorations there. However, now you have to try to put a Christmas tree as an outdoor decor in your home. And it will be a very interesting decoration of course.

Wonderland outdoor decor with a Christmas tree covered with snow complete with knick knacks Christmas tree there. and in addition, wreath on the door and several gifts near the tree.

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Colorful Christmas tree on the yard complete with unique decorative lights.
A giant Christmas tree as an outdoor decor complete with decorative light that makes the tree glow at night.
terrace decor of the house with a Christmas tree decorated with faux snowflake and some red balls. complete with a few lantern candles there to give a warm impression.
Three small Christmas trees with colorful lights that make the outdoor more beautiful.
Christmas trees covered with snow into natural outdoor decor that can give an amazing impression.

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One of the important things in decorating winter is to make sparkling decorations. Then, you can make it by placing the good lighting there. You can place lighting on a Christmas tree or other Christmas decorations outside your home. At night, your house will look amazing with sparkling lighting.

Winter outdoor decor using decorative lighting that adorns various decorations such as Christmas trees, gifts, wreaths, garlands and other decorations.
Large ball decoration with decorative light that makes the front house look more beautiful at night.
Christmas balls covered with decorative light and red ribbons are the attractive patio decorations.
Garden lights as outdoor decoration coupled with decorative lights that surround it make a stunning appearance.
Faux snowflake as a terrace decoration with a Christmas theme that is equipped with the use of decorative light there.
Christmas garland, mini Christmas trees and wreaths with decorative lights are the main attraction of your outdoor decor.

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Winter and Christmas are special moments. So, you will certainly be willing to spend a lot of your energy to decorate your home with these themes. Make this winter even more amazing with attractive decorations from the snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree and lighting outside your home. Then, you can make a cool decoration like the pictures above.

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