21 How to Make a Comfortable Backyard Patio Design to Relax with Your Family

If you have an empty space on your backyard and you do not know what does it suppose to be, then I can suggest you to make backyard patio. Making this project does not need a very large space but indeed it needs some square maters. Therefore, patio would be your best space to have a such relax time with family our friends. Besides you can have gathering events there too. There are two parts in making this project.

Fire Pit

Having outdoor fire pit could be the center of the backyard activity. This is the place where you and others can have a closed and comfortable communication. Meanwhile, some people think that square fire pit is the best of all. But not only square fire pit but also rounded fire pit would be the best too. In addition you can putting sofa or making an area to sit on then it gives the patio more perfect and comfortable.

Making square fire pit and Complete it with white sofa so it can be comfortable place for relaxing

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Stone material is commonly used and shape in a square for simple look and for more comfortable you can add some throw pillows.
Complete with wooden chair to make the perfect relaxing place.
you can build round stone fire pit then Add some wooden chairs to complete the fireplace.
For simple backyard patio design you can build a fire pit from stone material to get a natural vibe.
A warm backyard patio design can be added with fire pit and comfortable sofas to relax with your family.
The round fire pit in your backyard patio with curvy-shaped seating and add sofa cushion to make it more comfortable.
Inspiring backyard patio design to be comfortable place you can apply a round fire pit. Add a rattan chair and soft foam for comfort feel.
A round fire pit in your backyard patio and with curved seating can be the simple comfortable place ever.
A round fire pit using river stones and lounge are suitable to make you backyard patio more comfortable.
A round fire pit in your backyard patio by adding lighting to the stairs to make it look beautiful.

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Decorative Lighting

And this one is the best part of a patio, lighting. For example string lighting. It brings special moment. In particular, every place which install this string lighting must bring up special feeling, like romantic, relax, cozy circumstance. Another example is ball lantern and candelier. Furthermore, those kinds of lighting can give romantic vibe and warm ambience too. Briefly, It is so relaxing and becomes an enjoyable moment.

Install string lamps in your backyard is very important so It can make your backyard more comfortable to relax.
Only string lights could make this moment even cozier in your backyard patio and moreover add a fire pit to warm up at night
Freestanding string lights are very suitable to make a romantic nuance at night.
decorative lighting on the fence and tree can create a romantic vibe to your backyard then add rattan chairs for more comfortable.
An outdoor patio string lights also can be a complement
install some string lamps and comfortable sofa.

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The arrangement of the bulb lamps on the top of the backyard patio will make a good lighting.
Using several light bulbs at the top can make your backyard more pleasant.
Ball lanterns will make good lighting at night
A classic decorative lighting with chandelier and string lamps can create warm and romantic nuance.

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In other word that having backyard patio like those pics is something that really expected to have. Fire pit and decorative lighting are perfect combination each other. Those two parts make the evening or night become alive and bring the happiness. Importantly, the empty backyard that was boring now turn to an area that can share laugh and stories.

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