22 How to Make Winter Lanterns for Your Outdoor Decoration

It is absolutely right to consider lantern is the important one accessory in winter. Mostly, people put this accessory as the outdoor decoration. There are so many kinds of lantern, especially for the decoration. They are so beautiful, cute and so alive. Moreover, it brings such a happiness to people who see these lanterns.

It has been mentioned that there are so many ways to make your outdoor become more alive and flickering. It is usually laid out on the front of the terrace. One tips, you need to make another decoration to those lantern, inside of the lantern or even at outside of the case lantern. Moreover, you can provide some variations of lantern size so that those decoration have a awesome finishing look.

red lantern candle holder that you put on the porch
Lantern candle holder that added
lantern candle holder with ball christmas and garland
snowman furniture with lantern candle holders
black lantern candle holders placed on the porch to welcome this season
decorative lighting using lanterns for your porch
red lantern candle holder for decorating your porch with pine cone
decorative lighting with candles and lanterns for your front yard stairs
wooden lanterns in which various Christmas ornaments for you to apply to the porch
hanging lanterns that decorated with red ribbons for your front porch
lantern candle holders for front yards
white lantern with candles and garland inside to welcome this season
decorative lighting for front yard using lanterns that hung on the tree
A classic decoration to welcome the winter using a lantern that hung on the tree
A lantern candle holders that placed on the staircase for porch decoration.
hanging wooden lanterns decorated with green plants and white flowers to create beautiful look
lantern candle holder with plaid ribbon and garland decoration on the top
Simple lantern candle holder to decorate your porch
An old lantern candle holder, pine leaves and fake snow for porch decoration
to decorate your porch this season, you can apply a candle holder lantern
hanging lantern candle holders and plaid ribbons that are used for lighting your garden
the rustic lantern that you are hanging on a fence to get good lighting

Otherwise, for light source, it is not only from the candle but also you can put electrical candle or string light. But, it would be better if you use electrical light because you can save money to buy a lot of candles. However, the choice is yours. If you want to look original then just buy some candles. Additionaly, the pattern of these lantern is adjustable based on what theme that you are creating now like classic or other unique lantern.

Furthermore, it is not too difficult to choose which one is best or how to decorate lantern. Moreover, it is unnecessary to buy some decorations for the lantern. You can reuse some Christmas’s ornament that you have already use last years. Briefly, you can do DIY and hopefully those pics above can give you inspiration to make some creative lanterns.

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