22 Most Beautiful Winter Planter Ideas to Inspire You

During winter season with cold weather doesn’t meant that you can’t create the greenery. Whether it is the real plant that you grow or simply the plant that you put into the planter, you should have it. In hence, talking about the winter greenery, there will be different planters that you need. In this case, it is distinguished between the indoor and outdoor planter.

Indoor Planter

Indoor planter is such a must during winter. It is because you will spend your days and night mostly inside your home since the weather is too cold outside. Then, talking about the planter itself, you could have it that installed into the wall or simply the planter that put into the spaces. In addition, the material are also in varied.

The plants here set to stick on the wall in rectangular planter which separated in two stages.
The succulent in such a wide black bowl with some different kinds of succulent plant type.
Wooden star planter used to grow the succulent then hang it on the wall which is really aesthetic.
Utilize you unused fabric to be cover of the common planter to get the unique impression.

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Several different planters set in one spot where the huge plant put on the floor and the small plants put on the rack.
There are some different planters with different plants put on the cabinet to beautify the atmosphere around.
Black and gold planters used here represent the glorious look which match well for you who like something luxurious.

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This one is a really unique planter by using the big pinecones then giving the hole and utilized to grow the succulent.
Mason jar hanging planter with some different paint colors which are really varies.
Look at how pretty the unused bulb when used as the hanging planter with white flower in it.

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Outdoor Planter

The planter here made of stone that carved to shape certain unique pattern then given the hole.
Wood pallet arranged to create wooden planter in a high height.
This old copper looks really classic that serve you with the aesthetic look.
This one is a simple common plastic planter in black color to give contrast around the snow.
Just like the previous planter, this one is also black plastic planter, the difference is that this one has the flar surface without any holder.
The red planters are such a durable wooden planter in a thick wood material. The red color and holder given for the planters make it looks adorable.
Clay planter can also become the best choice for your outdoor planter during winter. It has a durable characteristic as long as you don’t broke it.
Black plastic planter that placed on the front porch not to make it covered with the snow in case the snow is falling.
Look at how pretty the watering can could be when used as the planter. With the red berries, this planter has its best look.
This old style zinc planter will be really great for your rustic exterior design. However, you can still have it for your modern one to give a little bit uniqueness around the modern look.
The clay planters that shaped in square form will match for your modern exterior design especially with its black color.

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